Chapter 2

E-commerce Business Strategies

Learning Objectives | Projects and Exercises

Projects and Exercises

Project 1: Mix and Match: E-commerce Revenue Models

Table 2.2 on page 97 lists five categories of primary revenue models. Find another e-commerce company that fits each category. Explain why the selected company fits the category in which you placed it. Prepare a table to summarize your research.

Project 2: Investigating Business Models

Table 2.6 on page 111 lists a variety of different business models. Choose one category and find an additional company that fits that category. Explain why the company you chose fits the category. Prepare a table to summarize your research.

Project 3: Find an Enabler

Table 2.5 on page 109 lists categories of e-commerce enablers and various example companies for each category. Choose one of the companies listed and describe the e-commerce infrastructure products or services the company provides. Prepare a short report or presentation that summarizes your findings.

Project 4: What's Their Strategy?

Table 2.9 on page 131 details five basic business strategies with examples. Choose a business strategy and find an e-commerce company that you believe is using the strategy. Explain how the company is implementing the strategy and whether or not it appears to be working effectively.