Chapter 12

B2B E-commerce

Learning Objectives | Projects and Exercises

Projects and Exercises

Project 1: Debating the Future of B2B

Refer to Figure 12.2 on page 826, which depicts the growth of B2B commerce for the period 2005-2024, and Figure 12.3, which illustrates the components of B2B commerce in 2019. Next, prepare written arguments for the pro or con side of a debate on the following topic: "B2B E-commerce Will Grow to Dominate B2B Commerce in the Next Five Years." You may present your arguments either in essay or presentation form. Your arguments should include both an opening statement and a clear conclusion.

Project 2: Oracle Success Stories

Visit Oracle and find out what kind of software Oracle offers for supply chain management. Then, go to its Cloud Customer Successes page. Choose a customer and present a report to your class that explains how the customer you chose improved its business by using Oracle software. Illustrate the success story with a chart.

Project 3: Grainger vs. Gotopaper

Carefully examine Grainger.com, a horizontal e-distributor, and Go2paper.com, a vertical net market place serving a single industry (paper). At Go2paper.com, read the description of how to buy and sell paper. Create a presentation that compares and contrasts the way these organizations present themselves on the Web. Address how the approaches differ and what relationship the differences have to the goals of each site.